What the crap is going on??

Mic check, 1…2… Mic check, 1…2…

So, how does one go about this blogging biz…..like what I have to say is so much more important than anyone else that I need my own blog.

Well, guess what….to someone it is important. (ugh, I hope…nervous laugh)

Once upon a time, there was a very, very tired mommy. She had no family nearby, her husband would work 16 hours a day and sometimes was gone for days (protecting ‘Merica, y’all), she was stuck at home in a blizzard with a 14 month old boy and a brand new baby girl. During these sleepless, freakin freezin nights this mommy would read everything she could Google, watch any videos she could on YouTube, and purchased entirely too many parenting books from Amazon. She was looking for an answer. “Why is my boy not making eye contact anymore?” “Why can he not be consoled when he is upset?” “How on earth can he identify numbers up to 20 already and solve puzzles for 3+ year olds?” Even his dad can’t do the puzzles! OK, I joke….but for real…what the crap is going on?

Everything I read….every video I watched….every ounce of my being knew really what was going. I asked my husband…..WHAT DO YOU THINK IS UP WITH OUR KID? The response: “Ugh, he’s awesome!” Shocking. Clueless. Love him!

Granted I have been around kids for much of my life…..I was a nanny (the greatest nanny on Earth….just sayin), taught softball camp, mentored at an elementary school, and had taught 1st grade for 3 years at this point. Something just wasn’t right with my boy.  So, I did what the articles said to do….(insert stuck up voice here) “If you suspect your child has any of these red flags, speak to your pediatrician.” Well, guess what? That man wasn’t listening. He laughed me off. HOLD UP….WAIT. Oh no he didn’t…..oh YES HE DID.

Long story short….(I’ll share our diagnosis journey when I get 5 followers! Currently I am at 0 followers…..does a blog even have followers….what the crap am I doing?) It took almost 2 more years to get the answer I always knew deep down in my gut. Why in the world would anyone EVER question a mother’s intuition? I mean I know some crazy mothers who think their kids have issues when they clearly DO NOT (there is a name for that) but this was for real, for real legit. I know this might shock you, but I don’t speak up often…..so when I do….oh shoot, you better hide YO KIDS….hide YO WIFE….I had to fight for my little man to get the diagnosis. I had to be his advocate, his voice, and his expert. NO ONE knows him like I do….no.one.period. I swore that one day I would start a blog to help others on the autism journey and others who were searching…..Googling everything they could find, watching any video with the keyword: autism on YouTube, and purchasing entirely too many parenting books from Amazon that were always a fail.

This blog is about autism awareness and more importantly acceptance. This is for Jackson and the hundreds of thousands of other children and their families who live with autism daily. I will try to be honest and real but don’t mistake my humor for weakness. I’ll come at you bro if you think my child is just spoiled or I am a crappy mom with bad parenting skills. Autism was put in my life for a reason. If my words can help someone at the beginning of their journey, a teacher researching how to help her student with autism, a wonderful friend wanting to understand what her friend is going through, or anyone just wanting to know more about autism then I nailed it, bro. (fist bump)

Hope you stick around. Hope you learn something. Most importantly, I hope you too become and advocate for autism.

Much Love, Jack’s mom.



6 thoughts on “What the crap is going on??”

  1. I guess I was one of the people who first thought you were crazy!!! I looked at Jackson and just thought he was perfect, which he is. I also just thought he was more sensitive to the people and places around him. Which he is. But Pooter I am so proud of you!! You being an awesome mom, stuck with your gut to do what many mother’s don’t and made your voice heard!!! I am so proud of you and if I can figure out how to follow this blog I will. You have taught me a lot about autism and a better way to reach those children and adults that I see signs of it in. I know now that everything from my feelings, body language and tone of my voice has to change when speaking with anybody with autism. God gave you a great gift with Evie and Jackson. And they got a great gift with a loving mother that would go to the ends of the earth for them!!!


  2. Loved reading this, Rachel! Jack is a lucky boy and you’re a great mom! Can’t wait to read more about our journey!


  3. God knew exactly what he was doing to bless you with Jackson and his autism. I am proud of you for sticking with it and going with your instinct to figure out that it was autism. Many moms would have given up in frustration but you did not give up. I think moms know better than anyone about their own child and even better than the doctors many times. I would say you all are lucky to have each other. You are the “chosen ones”. Much love to you and your family!


  4. I remember when you began to think something about Jack was different, I only heard whispers of hushed conversations with others, because while you were loving my daughter as her first grade teacher you were fighting for your son…and for someone to listen to you. You are an incredable person, teacher and mom!


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